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Maitri Sadan Audio Studio

Maitri Sadan Audio Studio has everything you need to record and master professional-quality audio. Record live, sweeten and restore audio, apply studio-quality effects, and convert with lightning speed. You can even create your own album with our Professionals. With a few simple steps, you can produce broadcast-quality audio for your production with our Powerful recording tools and Professionals Mr. Chaitanya Bhatt (Sound Engineer).

Maitri Sadan Audio Studio
Maitri Sadan Audio Studio with Chaitanya Bhatt (Sound Engineer), highly experienced professional.

 Services and facilities

Edit like the professionals. Maitri Sadan Audio Studio lets you edited audio in real time so you can hear the results immediately. Balance levels, remove noise, trim unwanted sections, and synchronize audio with video. Create your own music loops and samples to use. Maitri Sadan Audio Studio includes more than 30 built-in signal and effects processors to enhance your audio projects.

  • Movies, Serials & Documentary – Provide all facility to execute with broadcast-quality touch with our efficient professionals.
  • Create podcasts and audio for webinars – Bloggers, podcasters, narrators, and reporters: Maitri Sadan Audio Studio provides everything you need to achieve broadcast-quality results. Recording and Editing your audio, and then Mastering it to improve your presentations with a full menu of native signal and effects processing plug-ins, and with Sound Effects library.
  • Publishing to the Web – Want to get heard? Maitri Sadan Audio Studio is the premier Internet site  for musicians and content developers. Join Maitri Sadan Audio Studio to upload and share compositions, remix songs from major-label artists, and collaborate with other members on a wide range of music and video projects.
  • Share your creations – Maitri Sadan Audio Studio provide Burning tracks at real time and gain full control over the pauses between tracks. Quickly convert audio files to popular formats including MP3 and FLAC. Create all the right files for the Web and your favorite portable players.
  • Export audio to portable devices –  Save audio files in a wide variety of popular formats for playback on your favorite portable players.
  • Support – Provide playback and recording capabilities.
Maitri Sadan Audio Studio
Chaitanya Bhatt (Sound Engineer, Vocalist)

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