Kavi Sammelen to Felicitate Dr. Arthi from Delhi


Udaipur: November 17, 2018:  Sarvadharma Maitri Sangh organized a short felicitation programme inviting a renowned Gazhal singer from Delhi, Dr. Arthi at Maitri Sadan near Patel Circle. The programme started with a bhajan based on multi-religious theme sung by Fr. Norbert Herman SVD. Famous poets from the city of lakes like Deepak Roshan, Abdul Hamid Bharati, Habijjama Anuragi, Dr. Ishaq Furkat, Dr. Ikbal Sagar, Khurshi Navab, Mustaq Chhanchal, Johra Khan, Sardar Jagjeet Singh Nishant and Ishaq Forogar were present and presented their poems in their melodious voice. Dr. Arthi presented her gajal in a sweet sounding melodious voice.  The director of Sarvadarm Maitri Sangh, Fr. Norbert the Chief Guest as well as the renowned poet from Delhi with a shawl and he welcomed the other guests. The Master of Ceremony was by Shri. Mustaq Chanchal. Vote of thanks was proposed by Fr. Norbert Herman and proposed that there would be Urdu Classes starting from January 2019. The poets approved and affirmed the proposal. The programme was conducted and arranged by the Director Father Norbert Herman SVD.



Br. Raju Soosai SVD



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