Bible Correspondence

Online Bible Correspondence Course


Master the Word of God with Home Study that is Flexible.

The Word of God is full of truth about unconditional love, overflowing joy, and perfect peace. But if you don’t know these Bible truths, chances are you’re not enjoying their benefits. Maitri Sadan Online Correspondence Bible Course can help!

Maitri Sadan is a non-accredited home Bible study course that is designed with you in mind. This study program allows you the flexibility of paying for one lesson at a time and you may complete the lessons at your own pace. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for each completed study unit.


Enroll anytime; choose your topic of study; study at your own pace!  This free online Bible study program is written in simple Hindi. This program provides a teacher to work with you personally via email.

Awards and Certificate of Completion for successfully passing a course which is easy to start.

After enrolling with the Introduction Lesson your assigned teacher will contact you by email.

  • Put your name and correct email address on your lesson. (Be sure to use the same email you used to enroll.)
  • Recheck your email address to be sure it is accurate.

Your test will be emailed directly to your teacher.  Please be aware that all of our teachers are volunteers, so patience is appreciated.  If you enroll but do not hear from us within a few days contact us by Clicking here

“May the Lord bless you as you learn more of His Word.”