English Coaching

Our goal is to help you Learn English speaking so you can speak English fluently. Improve your spoken English!

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  • Basics of English Grammar – Build basic grammar skills pertaining to English speaking.
  • English Speaking Basics – Basics of English Speaking for beginners using common expressions.
  • Regular English Lessons – Learn what to say and how to say things in daily conversations.
  • Travel English Lessons – Specifically created for people going to an English speaking country for vacation.
  • Idioms and Phrases – Learn idioms and phrases that are hard to translate into a different language.
  • English Listening Lessons – Improve your listening skills with fun questions and answers.
  • Pronunciation Lessons – American English pronunciation lessons with explanations to help your speaking.
  • Common English Vocabulary – Study and learn the most frequently used English vocabulary words.
English Coaching

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