Music Class

This website is a resource for musicians who want to improve their playing abilities. We encourage you to watch the drum lessons available here on Maitri Sadan Institute.

Beginners are encouraged to start in the beginner section. There you will find our how to play any instruments and learn to play completely from scratch.
Intermediate and advanced drummers can also participate and share our rudiments, dynamic style,  theory and notation, and set play-alongs.

Instru­men­tal and Vocal
Instru­men­tal and Vocal

Are you looking for step-by-step lessons?

If you’re looking to improve your skills faster, we provide a progressive step-by-step training system that moves you from one stage to the next with no guesswork or brick-wall barriers in the way.
You should take a few minutes to visit us at Maitri Sadan.

Piano Classes with Instructor Frt. Joseph Patibanda.
Piano Classes with Instructor Frt. Joseph Patibanda.

We Provide Classes on Piano(Synthesizer), Guitar & Drummer and many more. The teachers of Maitri Sadan are dedicated and passionate about the instrumental, and aims to ensure that every one of its students receives the finest level of guidance and support to excel in their study of instruments. We hope that you & your children have a great experience with us.

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